Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

9th Annual Symposium on Future Trends in Service-Oriented Computing

June 26 to June 27, 2014
University of Potsdam Potsdam, Germany


The symposium on "Future Trends in Service-oriented Computing" (FutureSOC) 2014 is the annual symposium of the HPI Research School and is taking place for the ninth time. FutureSOC outlines new trends in the area of Service-oriented Computing and highlights recent work of select Research School members.

As the HPI Research School is an interdisciplinary undertaking of the HPI research groups, FutureSOC covers a wide range of topics concering SOC, which include but are not limited to: cloud computing, {software, platform, infrastructure} as a service, service description, discovery and composition, service deployment, platform configuration and capacity planning, monitoring, service middleware, service-oriented architectures (SOAs), service management, information as a service, service development and maintenance, novel business models for SOAs, economical implications of web services and SOAs, service science, mobile and peer-to-peer services, data services, quality of service, exception handling, or service reliability and security.

Excellent speakers – both from industry and academia – leaders in their respective field of research, are invited to talk about their latest projects and resulting outcomes.


Find detailed information about our speakers, their topics, and all events in general in our symposium's brochure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 (Doctoral Symposium)

Dr. Anne Kayem, University of Cape Town, South Africa
When Bounds Become an Opportunity: On Security for Resource Constrained Environments
10:00-10:15Session 1
Chao Charity Mbogo, HPI Research School Cape Town, UCT
Scaffolding the Construction of Programs on a Mobile Device
Shu Li, HPI Research School Nanjing, Nanjing Univ.
A Dynamic Route Planning Algorithm for Intelligent Traffic System
Wang Kun, HPI Research School Nanjing, Nanjing Univ.
One Dimensional Discrete Quantum Walk
Tim Felgentreff, HPI Research School Potsdam, HPI
Babelsberg: Unifying Declarative Constraints and Object-oriented Execution
12:15-13:15Lunch Break
13:15-15:15Session 2
Dani Voitsechov, HPI Research School Haifa, Technion
Single Graph - Multiple Flows: Energy Efficient Design Alternative for GPGPUs
Uri Verner, HPI Research School Haifa, Technion
Scheduling Real-Time Computation in Multi-GPU Systems
Liu Meng, HPI Research School Nanjing, Nanjing Univ.
A Decentralized Cloud Firewall Framework with Resources Provisioning Cost Optimization
Maximilian Jenders, HPI Research School Potsdam, HPI
A Serendipity Model for News Recommendations
15:15-16:45Poster & Ice Cream Session (HS Foyer)
HPI Research School
Ph.D. Students Share Their Ideas - Poster Session
17:00-22:00Social Event

Thursday, June 26, 2014

13:00-13:15Opening of the FutureSOC Symposium
Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, HPI Potsdam & Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze, HPI Potsdam
HPI Research School
Ph.D. Students Introduce Their Work - Elevator Pitch
Dr. Manuel Serrano, INDES, INRIA
From PCs to Tablets: Programming the Diffuse Web
14:00-14:15Coffee Break
14:15-15:45Session 1
Dr. Thore Graepel, Microsoft Research
The Human Manifold: On the Predictability of Human Online Behaviour and its Consequences
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Nolte, BTU Cottbus
Multi- and Many-Core Architectures - A Trip over a Bumpy Road
Dr. Douglas Santry, Advanced Technology Group, NetApp
Technology Trends: A Storage Vendor's Perspective
15:45-16:00Coffee Break
William L. Franklin, Hewlett Packard
Hybrid Cloud Computing – An OpenStack Based Approach
16:45-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-18:30Session 2
Carl Friedrich Bolz, King‘s College London
Low Effort Just-In-Time Compilers with RPython for More Efficient Service Execution
Dr. Matthias Weidlich, Imperial College London
Constraint-based Optimisation of Complex Event Processing
Marcel Taeumel, HPI Research School Potsdam
Interleaving of Modification and Use in Data-driven Tool Development
19:00Social Event Dinner at Caputh Palace

Friday, June 27, 2014

Martin Heisig, SAP
Building the Enterprise Cloud – Innovation at Work
09:45-10:00Coffee Break
10:00-11:30Session 3
Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, TU Darmstadt
Privacy by Design - Protecting Sensitive Data on Untrusted Machines
Josiah Chavula, PhD Student, HPI Research School Cape Town
Peering for the Pan-African Research and Education Networks: Challenges and Possibilities
Ofir Shwartz, PhD Student, HPI Research School Haifa
A Trust-Nothing Architecture for Secure Computing
11:30-11:45Coffee Break
11:45-13:15Session 4
Prof. Dr. Yitzhak Birk, Technion
On the Multiple Dimensions of Performance and Implications to System Architectures
Aderonke Busayo Sakpere, HPI Research School Cape Town
Dynamic Buffer Resizing for Efficient and Secure Streaming Data Anoymization
Xiangyang Xu, HPI Research School Nanjing
Object-based Stereo Image Retrieval
Pedro Lopes, HPI Research School Potsdam
Pose-IO: A Wearable Device that Allows for Eyes-Free Input and Output Through the User's Muscles