Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
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26.04.2023 | Organisation and planning session (Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann)

03.05.2023 | A Realistic Time-Dependent Model for Multimodal Public Transport (Paraskevi Machaira) | Hypothesis tests for image embeddings in n-of-1 trials. ( Juliana Schneider)

10.05.2023 | Ferumal Flow: A Kernelised Normalising Flow (Eshant English)

17.05.2023 | Good Scientific Practice (Prof Dr. Tilmann Rabl & Prof Dr. Holger Karl)

24.05.2023 | How to get into a faculty position before/after your PhD (Prof Dr. Patrick Baudisch)

31.05.2023 | Efficient Ultrafine Typing of Named Entities (Alejandro Sierra)

07.06.2023 | Research Tools and Hacks (Martin Boissier)

14.06.2023 | Writing and receiving scientific reviews (Prof Dr. Felix Naumann)

21.06.2023 | Are LLMs Becoming Conscious? (Hendrik Rätz)

28.06.2023 | Writing Less Platform-Specific SIMD Code in Databases(Lawrence Benson) | Embedding based Link Prediction for Knowledge Graph Completion. (Russa Biswas)

05.07.2023 | Pricing Agents for R(e)commerce Markets (Rainer Schlosser)

12.07.2023 | Uncertainty-Annotated Databases - A Lightweight and Expressive Model for Uncertain Data (Prof Dr. Boris Glavic)

19.07.2023 | How to write a good research plan? (Prof Dr. Bert Arnrich)

26.07.2023 | Inaugural Lecture of Prof Dr Ralf Herbrich