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In-Memory Data Management

Life Sciences
(Source: HPI)

In an increasing number of cases, medical experts discover roots of complex diseases within the human genome. Therefore, analyses of the individual genetic code of each patient are the foundation for precision medicine. However, the acquisition of the genetic profile is very time-consuming, e.g. due to the high number of required process steps, the sheer amount of data, or the use of individual data formats.

Together with medical experts, biologists, and geneticists, researchers of the Hasso Plattner Institute have developed the cloud platform "analyzegenomes.com". It builds upon in-memory technology to enable new perspectives for precision medicine in the clinical routine. The platform enables a completely new way of working. Medical experts and researchers are no longer slowed down by long-running data processing steps. Instead they can test and verify their hypotheses in real time. Through the integration and combination with worldwide sources of medical knowledge manual and time-consuming searches in the Internet are omitted. As a result, precise treatment decisions can be made always on the basis of the latest available, worldwide medical knowledge for the patient's sake.