Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Quantitative analysis of service-oriented real-time systems with structure dynamics

The goal of the project is to develop new quantitative models and quantitative analysis techniques for service-oriented real-time systems that provide the required combinations of probabilistic behavior, real-time behavior and structure dynamics that are particularly important in the domain of service-oriented real-time systems. While already some limited combinations of probabilistic behavior, real-time behavior and structure dynamics exist and substantial progress has been achieved in the last years concerning their analysis, a complete combination that subsumes all required aspects in one model is still missing. In the project, we therefore plan to combine and extend the existing models of timed graph transformation systems and probabilistic graph transformation systems and develop suitable analysis techniques by integrating existing tools to enable the quantitative analysis of a larger class of systems and their properties than supported by the currently existing combined models. Besides the new formal model that covers all relevant aspects, we will also develop a related probabilistic timed specification logic, a higher-level QUANTUM modeling approach based on the formal model that directly targets service-oriented real-time systems by extending the SoaML UML profile, and a related visual specification language for QUANTUM models to make the modeling concepts and analysis techniques available also for a broader audience.

Project Partner

Project Funding

This project is financed by the DFG.