Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner

Jan Kossmann, M.Sc.

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

  Phone: +49 (331) 5509-1323
  Fax: +49 (331) 5509-579
  Email: jan.kossmann(at)hpi.de
  Room: V-2.02 (Campus II)

Research Topics

  • In-Memory Databases
  • Self-Adaptive Database Systems


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  • Kossmann, J.: Self-Driving: From General Purpose to Specialized DBMSs. Proceedings of the VLDB 2018 PhD Workshop co-located with the 44th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB 2018), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Aug 27-31, 2018 (2018).
  • Dreseler, M., Kossmann, J., Frohnhofen, J., Uflacker, M., Plattner, H.: Fused Table Scans: Combining AVX-512 and JIT to Double the Performance of Multi-Predicate Scans. Joint Workshop of HardBD (International Workshop on Big Data Management on Emerging Hardware) and Active (Workshop on Data Management on Virtualized Active Systems), in conjunction with ICDE (2018).
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Supervised Master's Theses


  • Evaluation of Index Selection Algorithms


  • Learned Cost Models for Query Optimization
  • Cardinality Estimation and Access Avoidance in Horizontally Partitioned IMDBs
  • Adaptive Query Optimization for In-Memory Databases
  • Probabilistic Data Structures for In-Memory Databases
  • Just-in-Time Compilation for Efficient Query Plan Execution of OLAP Workloads in Column Stores
  • Heterogenous Index Distribution in Multi-Node In-Memory Database Systems
  • Building an SQL Interface and Leveraging Query Plan Caching for a Relational Database

Master's Thesis

  • Self-Tuned Index Selection for the Columnar In-Memory Database Hyrise