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Cindy Perscheid, M. Sc.

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

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Providing Biological Context to Biomarker Detection from Gene Expression Data Sets

Gene expression data sets provide a snapshot of a cell’s gene activity by measuring the expression levels of each single gene. This kind of data is often analyzed to identify biomarkers, e.g. relevant genes, which are of diagnostic, predictive, or prognostic use. However, identifying robust biomarkers from RNAseq data remains an open challenge: A majority of the approaches for biomarker detection focus exclusively on the statistical significance of a gene in the data set, although statistical significance does not necessarily imply biological relevance. As a consequence, a multitude of distinct alleged biomarker gene sets have been published that show low diagnostic or predictive performance when applied on new data sets. Integrative approaches address this issue by providing biological context either from established biological knowledge or multiple *omics data sets retrieved from the same sample.

Our research covers both aspects of integrative analyses and examines how biomarker detection improves when additional biological context is provided during the analysis. First, we integrate prior biological knowledge, e.g. known gene-disease associations or biological network information, at multiple levels of the analysis to derive a set of genes that can serve as biomarkers. Second, we combine genomic, i.e. genetic variants, with transcriptomic, i.e. gene expression, data. Instead of relevant genes, we aim to derive signaling pathways as biomarkers. We evaluate our developed approaches with regards to robustness and biological relevance on real-world data sets from multiple cancer types.

Keywords: Gene Expression, Genetic Variants, Biological Networks, Prior Knowledge, Integrative Analysis, Feature Selection, Machine Learning, Okoa, SORMAS



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